10 Million Square Feet Cleaned

We are thrilled to announce an enormous milestone – our commercial robot vacuums have successfully cleaned over 10 Million Square Feet of space! This colossal accomplishment is a testament to our company’s dedication to innovation, automation, and relentless pursuit of cleaning excellence.

Since Tailos’ inception, we have been on a mission to revolutionize the way hotels and commercial properties are cleaned, by championing automation and advanced robotic vacuum technology. This 10 Million Square Feet cleaned achievement illustrates our growth as a company, but also the commitment of the hospitality industry to embrace new technology to improve their operations.

From the very first early adopters to our newest clients, their trust and belief in our products have propelled us to continually break boundaries in the cleaning industry. We owe a significant portion of this success to our supportive clients and partners, who embrace Tailos and our mission revolutionize the hospitality industry with automated solutions.

Our Cleaning Progress

The amount of space Tailos commercial robot vacuums clean continues to grow and reached 10 Million Square Feet in June 2023. This includes many different types of properties, including hotels, apartment buildings, meeting spaces, and other commercial properties.

Every square foot cleaned represents thousands of hours of hard work behind the scenes by the Tailos team.

Meet Rosie – Our Commercial Robot Vacuum

Rosie is designed specifically for commercial usage in hotels, apartment buildings, senior living communities, and large meeting spaces. With the help of advanced sensors and AI technology, she operates at cleaning speeds of over 1,000 sq. ft. per hour. Place her in complex indoor environments, such as hotel rooms, and simply press play and walk away.

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