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How is the robot different than consumer vacuuming robots used at home?

Rosie is specifically designed for commercial applications with best-in-class reliability, performance, and support. Consumer robots are better suited for homes where cleaning is limited to smaller spaces for short periods of time. Rosie is capable of performing a full day of continuous cleaning while meeting the exacting standards of commercial cleaning operations. 

How does the robot help cleaning staff? 

Vacuuming is one of the more strenuous activities and Rosie is able to accomplish this task autonomously. Think of Rosie as a co-worker for cleaning staff. This enables cleaning staff to focus on providing a higher quality of service while improving their general well-being and health. 

How do I purchase the robot?

Rosie can be leased for cleaning operations. The lease includes the robot as well as all the maintenance and support required to operate the robot at its best. Please reach out to for a quote. 

Is the robot a good investment for my company?

Rosie has been successfully integrated into housekeeping operations at some of the biggest brands in the hospitality industry. Not only does Rosie enhance housekeeping operations, but it also enhances the experience of occupants of the property with a higher level of cleanliness. See how with these case studies

How well does the robot clean? 

Rosie provides the same level of performance as commercial manual upright vacuums that are used in cleaning operations. Rosie generates an impressive 65 cubic feet of airflow, which enables it to provide best-in-class cleaning performance in a compact form factor. 

Is the robot safe to operate around people?

Rosie is safe to operate around people. Rosie is powered by software with advanced algorithms that detect dynamic obstacles like people and then Rosie avoids these obstacles. Not only does Rosie avoid dynamic obstacles, it is able to clean the same space once the dynamic obstacles have moved. 

What are the dimensions of the robot?

The dimensions are 12.7″ x 20.7″ x 8.5″. Rosie is almost half the weight of the standard commercial manual upright vacuums.

What kind of spaces is the robot capable of cleaning?

Rosie is designed to vacuum any indoor space. Powered by software with advanced algorithms that create a map of the space in real-time, Rosie does not require any maps or codes or beacons to operate in a given space. 

Does the robot fit underneath and in between furniture?

Rosie has a compact form factor, which allows it to reach tighter spaces underneath and between furniture. As long as there is adequate clearance for Rosie, it can reach tighter spaces and perform high quality cleaning. 

What is the battery life of the robot?

Rosie comes equipped with 3 batteries and a charger. The battery life may vary in different operating conditions, but Rosie is designed for a full day of housekeeping operations without the need for recharging. 

Is there training required to operate the robot? 

Rosie is very simple to use. The basic operations are intuitive for cleaning staff. We provide self-service training for basic operations. We can also train property management staff for basic maintenance tasks.  

How do we configure the robot to operate at our property? 

Rosie is ready to start operations straight out of the box. The basic cleaning operation requires no configuration. The robot may need to be configured to connect to the WiFi network at the property. Rosie has some self-service configuration features like adjustment of suspension height to improve performance on various types of floor surfaces. 

Do I need to map my property before using the robot?

No, Rosie is powered by software with advanced algorithms that actually creates a map of the space in real-time. So Rosie does not require any maps or codes or beacons to operate in a given space. 

How does the robot know what spaces to clean?

Rosie is designed to vacuum any indoor space and is powered by advanced algorithms that create maps in real-time. Once Rosie is placed in a space, it will clean all areas that it can access. 

How do we know that the robot has cleaned a certain space?

Rosie returns to its starting location once it has completed its cleaning operation in a given space. Rosie also uploads data via WiFi and we can monitor cleaning coverage and performance remotely.  

How many robots do I need for my property? 

Rosie operates with a speed of around 1,000 square feet per hour, but this is highly variable depending on the layout of the space. Please reach out to for an estimate based on your unique needs. 

How can I get help to operate the robot?

Help is accessible via phone and email.

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