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Labor Pool

Commercial cleaning positions can be very difficult to fill. Rosie fills the gap by improving efficiencies in daily operations while improving associate retention.


Variable Cost

Housekeeping is the highest variable cost in commercial real estate. Rosie decreases costs while improving quality.


Employee Health

Room attendants have the highest injury rates in the service sector. Rosie takes strenuous tasks out of the hands of people.



Current commercial cleaning practices are inconsistent. Rosie provides consistency and stability to cleaning procedures.


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Increase Your Cleaning Efficiency with Tailos

Number of Rooms Per Day
Dollars Per Hour
Projected Required Robots

Annual Time Savings

Employee Hourly Salary

Annual Cost Savings:
Gross Projected

Results calculated at an 80% Occupancy Rate


Our Hospitality Customers

Tailos has partnered up with the most recognizable industry leaders in the hospitality and
commercial services industries.

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