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Hotel Staffing

Hiring hotel room attendants and cleaning staff is an ongoing challenge for properties. Tailos gives you the automated solutions to keep your rooms, hallways, and meeting spaces clean to meet guest demand.


Reduce Cleaning Expenses

Tailos robot vacuums reduce housekeeping expenses, while improving cleaning quality with a true commercial solution. Let your staff concentrate on high-impact areas, while we take care of the rest.


Improve Employee Health

Maintain the health of your best hotel room attendants with our automated hotel robot vacuums.


Cleaning Consistency

Create consistent cleaning processes with the help of our commercial robot vacuums for hotels.


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Increase Your Cleaning Efficiency with Tailos

Number of Rooms Per Day
Dollars Per Hour
Projected Required Robots

Annual Time Savings

Employee Hourly Salary

Annual Cost Savings:
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Results calculated at an 80% Occupancy Rate


Our Hotel Clients

Tailos partners with the most recognizable hotel industry leaders.

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