Branded Full Service Airport Hotel Pilots Tailos to Increase Housekeeping Efficiencies

Investment for room cleaning technology improves guestroom turnaround

16-17 rooms cleaned daily per room attendant

With Tailos:
18-21 rooms cleaned daily per room attendant

The Challenge

The 500+ room branded hotel was driven to become more efficient serving their guests and leveraging their 30,000 square feet of meeting space. Adjacent to a busy airport, the hotel continually sought to improve their cleanliness scores and overcome inconsistent WiFi coverage. With industry labor shortages and high turnover, the hotel needed a competitive advantage to streamline housekeeping operations, reduce staff injuries, and improve employee satisfaction.

The Solution

The full service hotel partnered with Tailos to pilot autonomous self-driving vacuums named Rosie. Rosie was deployed to work alongside room attendants as they cleaned guest rooms. While the room attendant was cleaning the bathroom, Rosie vacuumed the bedroom, saving valuable time and resulting in a cleaner hotel room. As Rosie cleaned, she also collected valuable in-room data, notably WiFi strength throughout the room.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the immediate value I saw for our property: everything from the efficiencies in room cleaning to the value in the data dashboard.”

Director of Services

Deployment Details

Dates: 11.08.16 – 1.31.17
Duration: 3 months
Areas Cleaned: Guestrooms
Number of Rosies: 14




With an average daily time savings of 33 minutes, room attendants were able to clean 18-21 rooms compared to 16-17 (same time period), while also reducing overtime.


Rosie detected poorWiFi areas, enabling the hotel to fix spotty areas and reduce the annual $150,000 spent on free F&B and discounted rates for guest complaint recovery.

Associate Health

Room attendants reported feeling better at the end of the day – with less shoulder and wrist pain and more energy.


By significantly decreasing the dust and debris from nearby construction, GSS scores increased.