Tailos Deployment in Guestroom Hallways Delivers Consistency and Cleanliness

Scheduling daily robotic vacuuming guarantees consistent cleaning

23 person minutes to clean one guestroom hallway

With Tailos:
4.5 person minutes to clean one guestroom hallway

The Challenge

The 476 room branded hotel was searching for a way to adjust housemen duties to provide more support to room attendants while still maintaining cleanliness on each of the 24 guestroom floors. With guestroom linen stripping and clean linen delivery taking up valuable time, housemen typically had little time remaining in the day to fully vacuum hallways.

The Solution

The full service hotel launched with Rosie, Tailos’s self-driving vacuums. Housemen were assigned daily set number of floors to vacuum and utilized three Rosies at a time to clean while the housemen accomplished other necessary tasks. By using Rosie to clean the hallways, housemen were able to better support room attendants and deliver a cleaner first experience to arriving guests.

“Tailos delivers a solution to bring innovation to the hotel that our employees have embraced and are able to deliver an enhanced guest experience”

VP – Asset Management

Deployment Details

Dates: 04.15.19 – 04.15.21
Duration: 24 month partnership
Areas Cleaned: Guestroom hallways
Number of Rosies: 3



With an average hallway cleaning time of 23 minutes with a standard vacuum, introducing Rosie decreased hallway cleaning time by 80% to 4.5 minutes.


Housemen use Rosies full or focused mode to alternate between deep cleans or shorter spot cleans.

Associate Engagement

Housemen were eager to use Rosie as a new and innovative tool to accomplish a tedious task.

Future Uses

Management will begin testing Rosie to clean in banquet and public space.