Tailos Pilot at Limited Service Branded Hotel Increases Efficiency and Cleanliness

Autonomous vacuum cleaners yield 2.5 more credits per shift

35 minutes to clean one room per attendant 

With Tailos:
29 minutes to clean one room per attendant

The Challenge

The 74 room branded hotel was looking for a way to increase housekeeping efficiency. The hotel property offers many large suites that take an average of five minutes to vacuum. In addition, the housekeeping manager and room attendants were tasked with cleaning public areas at the end of their shift each day. This typically meant there was little time left to clean hallways and other main areas within the hotel.


The solution

The select service hotel partnered with Tailos to pilot self-driving vacuums named Rosie. Rosie worked along with room attendants as they cleaned guestrooms and suites. The housekeeping manager also used Rosies to clean hallways every day. By using Rosie to clean both rooms and hallways, the hotel offered a cleaner experience for guest sand saved time on each shift.

“I found Tailos to be the most focusedand productive team towards driving rooms productivity.”

Shawn Tuli

SVP Acquisitions & Development Hersha Hospitality Management

Deployment Details

Dates: 08.23.18 – 12.19.18
Duration: 3+ months
Areas Cleaned: Guestrooms & Hallways
Number of Rosies: 4



With an average room cleaning time savings of 5.5 minutes, room attendants are able to cleanup to 2.5 more rooms per day.


By using Rosie to clean hallways, the housekeeping manager was able to save 39 hours per month.

Associate Engagement

Room attendants enjoyed using Rosie and felt “like Rosie was a daughter”. The housekeeping department even included Rosie in their group Halloween costumes.


Management observed a decrease in dust levels throughout the hotel, especially in rooms and along the edges of hallways.